This is a safe place for you to ask for advice. I deal with all problems, absolutely anything that you need you can ask me. Don't feel afraid to ask, I promise I won't judge. You can ask on anonymous but if it is more serious it would be better not to be on anon, but you don't have to :)

Hi, this is an advice blog. If you need advice for anything please ask me. Don’t keep it a secret, share it with someone. I can help you with anything big or small. Love, Health, Anorexia, Cutting, Family problems. Whatever it is I can help :)

gvpsies: "can i put the butterfly project on my blog and give credit to you?"

yeah sure, although i didn’t make it up so you don’t have to give me credit :)

Anonymous: "its never been this bad before, and it really hurts. How do i get the pain to stop? I can't stop thinking, I can't even confide in my best friends. I feel like they're all mad at me and I'm worried about absolutely everything. I can't get over someone. Please help, I don't know who to tell, I don't know who will listen. I just want it all to stop hurting."

I will listen to you, just tell me whats wrong x